Genba Focus


The Production Floor
(Real Place)


The Specific Process


Defect Part (Actual)




CLPG team has embarked on the journey of implementing JIT Management and TPS (Toyota Production System). The management team has transformed through the two Manufacturing plants consolidation project which we term it as KAIKAKU (transformation) Project. All departments involve the KAIKAKU project and some of the key improvements include:

  • Strengthening the belief in “Respect for Humanity” and “Human Resource Development”.
  • Customer First
  • The ability to identifying the seven types of wastes and continuous improvement opportunities enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • The accuracy of shipping date has improved after the KAIZEN implemented in the management system.
  • Successfully transformed the Fabrication process to apply one-piece flow line.
  • Learned and understand the importance of flow processing transforming the fabrication process to one-piece flow. This has strengthen CLPG team’s ability to quickly identify problems and solving it right at the shop-floor.
  • Production floor space saving as a result from flow processing implementation has triggered the factory integration, consolidating the Two Manufacturing Plants.
  • Understand the importance of Genba, Genchi, Genbutsu, Genjitsu approach to shop-floor management to solve problem at the root cause.
  • Learned that by creating flow processing and making information flow will shorten the total lead time. Reducing operator hard work can enhance the job satisfaction and lead to sustainable KAIZEN.