General Grade – PP Corrugated Box & Sheet

Corrugated box is more durable with longer life cycle, cost effective and environmental friendly.

PP Corrugated boxes are available in a variety of sizes and design to fit your space and logistic requirements.

Print Grade

The corona treatment is universally used in printing industry.
Corona treatment ensures better adhesion of inks to the surface and increases print durability.
In others word this process enhances the products quality and diversify the products segmentation into premium grade and normal grade.

Conductive Grade – ESD Box, Tote Box & Sheet

Grade General , Conductive & Printable

Standard size
1000mm x 2000mm , 2000mm x 2000mm , 1360mm x 2300mm ,
1300mm x 2440mm
Polypropylene Copolymer
*Comply to EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS)
2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9mm
Static protection, assembly line, manufacturing, cushioning, partition

How do you Choose Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are popularly used in the packaging industry as a method of packaging and providing safe storage for delivering items. One of the biggest key factors to consider for choosing a corrugated box is the size of the box. The size of the box may differ depending on the type and number of items that you need to transport or store.
Another factor to consider is the space of the corrugated box for the cushioning layer. When you are expecting or even delivering a package, you would hope for the package to arrive in one piece. Accidents are prone to happen during the delivery process, which is why you would need to use a cushioning layer for safe support. When choosing the corrugated box size, you should consider the volume that bubble wrap and air bags fill may occupy if you plan to use them as a cushioning layer for the products.

Why Do You Need Corrugated Boxes?

There are a few reasons why you should invest in corrugated boxes. For starters, they are infamous for their flexibility. Corrugated boxes can be manufactured in a large variety of sizes, and they are available in single, double or even triple walls for extra protection. These boxes are often used to pack various products, making them the most flexible and efficient packaging options in the packaging industry.
Next, investing in corrugated boxes is an excellent way to promote your business. Corrugated packaging materials can be customized to help you promote your company’s branding and raise brand awareness. Custom branding is a great way to impress your customers because it looks more professional and it shows that you are serious about your business brand. Additionally, you can also choose to customize your corrugated boxes which are bound to gain the loyalty of your customers and also gain the interest of new potential clients.


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